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Meet Patrick von Vacano von Original Beans

You’re Brammibal’s chocolate supplier. What should people know about your cacao beans?

Original Beans stands for ethically and, most of all, directly sourced cacao beans. We know every one of our farmers personally, which is why we can truly say we’re 100% slave-free, and there’s no child labor in our supply chain. We built a complete supply chain from the rainforest all the way to the consumer. Compared to fair trade, we pay about 2,5 times more to the farmers. Last but not least,
the cacao beans we source are not grown in monocultures.

What are the difficulties of mainstream chocolate?

It’s the industry with the most child labor,
people working in slavery. It’s the industry
that’s responsible for eroding rainforests and
forests. It’s just a very dark industry.

What do you like about your partnership with Brammibal’s?

We both have the same values in terms of
quality and ethical sourcing. Naturally, as businesses,
we must also discuss pricing. However,
Brammibal’s has never asked us to lower the
price. They understand that fairness in this
industry has its price and respect that. It’s just
a really good partnership.

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