Behind the Donuts: Jana

Jana serving a tiramisu donut over the counter.

Job: Assistant Shop Manager at Alexanderplatz location
Favorite Donut: Bienenstich

It’s time to meet another member of our team, say hi to Jana! đź‘‹

Jana just might be the most positive person that we have ever met! She cares so deeply and wakes up every single day, wanting to make a difference in peoples lives. She started as FOH and then got promoted to Shift Leader and then also to Assistant Shop Manager. She is patient, welcoming and so, SO FUNNY! Every time that she is working, it never “feels” like work. That’s the beauty of being around her, you can’t help but feel joy. The reason why we are so successful is because of people like Jana… that’s what makes this place a home! Thank you Jana for choosing to be a part of Brammibal’s! 🧡